About Us

Ian, country born and bred in the high country; Cheryl, a city dweller determined to create her lifelong dream of owning, restoring, decorating and running a successful Bed & Breakfast in a heavenly country atmosphere. One a teen rebel and the other a dreamer, in recent years we came together as a couple, and brought six grown up children together as one beautiful family. Together we have begun our dream. An optimum dream that has become reality.

While looking for the ideal home which we could convert into a B&B, quite ironically the first home we really looked at seemed to fit our requirements perfectly. Despite the fact that a lot of hard work was ahead of us to create a B&B that we would be proud to own, its charm and excellent bones seduced us immediately. The Homestead is a reflection of owners Cheryl & Ian with it’s classic style and love of relaxed country living.

The house needed some awakening, so without delay we proceeded with Ian’s passion for renovating and building, to lovingly restore and renovate our new home. Soon, but not soon enough, as anyone involved with renovation work knows, structural work graduated to more rewarding aspects. The construction of our first two guest rooms slowly but surely came together with a timeless style and quality inspired by the love of country and natural timbers. Soon after, construction of our two king rooms began, one inspired by the romance of France and the other with a nautical up cycled influence. Excitement of colour palettes and each one decorated with imaginative flair influenced each with its own character by an old-world girl. “I wanted each room to have a slightly rustic although modern country feel, but imminently comfortable with all the homely pleasures” says Cheryl.